Reptile Handling

Fun, Interactive and Relaxed.

We pride ourselves on offering you the most exciting reptile handling experiences at your event, whilst still maintaining the highest level of Safety and Care towards both our customers and our Animals. 

Suitable for all ages, You can invite these special visitors to Childrens Birthday Parties, right through to care home visits. 

We Love the Excitement of Busy events and we think your Visitors will Love us too! If you are planning a large event and would like some entertainment for your guests, we would love to hear from you. 

Our Animals are our Family. 

Our animals are more than just our business, they are our family pets and it is very important that they live a comfortable life with us. They live in a large reptile room within our home, in their own enclosures suited to their needs.
The animals are all selected for their fantastic temperaments and steady behaviour, they are all animals that are very well handled and ones we believe that are perfect for our display. 


We cover any event throughout North Wales and in the North West.

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